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Make sure your backyard is ready for summer!

Spring Cleaning and Roll Off Dumpsters are in the air.

If you look at your backyard, are you proud of what you see? If you are like 98 percent of the population you may find yourself thinking that your backyard may need some TLC. We have you covered with easy tips to get your backyard ready for all of your summer events!

  1. Rake up those leaves!
    1. Have hundreds of leaves been collecting on your lawn? Now is the time to get rid of them and rediscover your grass!
  2. Get out the pooper-scooper
    1. Unfortunately people tend to get lazy about cleaning up after their dogs in the winter-I mean, who wants to pick up in freezing weather? If it is starting to get warm outside now is the time to mentally prepare and get to it.
  3. Re-sod (if you need to)
    1. If you have a ton of yellow, dead patches in your lawn you may want to consider re-sodding. It may be a pain in the moment but looking at the new, fresh lawn will make it all worth it.
  4. Pull those weeds!
    1. Some weeds can get up to a couple feet tall, or more! Now is the time to take back your backyard with a shovel and clippers.
  5. Trim the tree
    1. No one likes a low-hanging tree branch that could potentially hurt an unsuspecting passerby. Time to cut those suckers off!
  6. Mow the lawn
    1. If your lawn is looking more like a jungle than a yard, it is time to get the lawn mower out. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly cut grass clippings anyway?
  7. Give your fence some TLC
    1. Does your fence need some re-painting? Do you have some posts that are holding on by the skin of their teeth? It may be time to give your fence some much needed love. You (and your neighbors) will be thankful you did.
  8. Get rid of trash fast
    1. When you are starting these projects be sure to rent a dumpster to quickly get all the waste out of your hair! Affordable Roll-Offs is your locally owned, Denver based dumpster rental company! We are here to help you complete any project, big or small, inside or out!

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