After reading through the blog posts at Affordable Roll-Offs, you may start to wonder why people who rent dumpsters for a living would push recycling so much. Why, you may ask, are we encouraging people to recycle? Why should you listen to us? Why should you believe what we say about recycling? Isn’t recycling sort of the opposite of what we’re all about? So why should you pay attention at all? Those are fair questions. Our answer: it’s because of our cardinal points.

For those who didn’t become Boy Scouts when they were growing up, the cardinal points are the primary points of the compass: North, South, East, and West. Geographers (and others) use the cardinal points to orient themselves, to figure out where they are and in which direction they want to go. But the phrase means something more than the physical act of orientation. It is a metaphor for psychic orientation, as well: figuring out where you stand in business, in life, in your relationships, and where you want to go from here.

What are Cardinal Points?

Cardinal points are the most important points, the ones by which we set our direction—both coming and going. They are the “that’s where we were!” pointing back, and the “that’s where we’re going” when we point ahead. Cardinal points are so important and so descriptive that many businesses use them in their names (go ahead, Google “Cardinal Points” and see how many names pop up) and many people use them to describe something that is essential, straight-forward, and clear-cut.

At Affordable Roll-Offs, we rent dumpsters and haul trash for a living, but take a scroll through our posts. If we’re not telling you about the connection between falconry and dumpsites, or how to stay warm through a brutal winter, or the benefits of joining one of the local community gardens, we’re dishing on the latest recycling news (here and here and here and…you get the point). However, if our customers were to recycle every bit of their trash, we’d go out of business, right? Why are we so focused on recycling?

Because Affordable Roll-Offs is run by people, people who live in the Denver Metro area, and we the people of Affordable Roll-Offs have our own set of cardinal points. Our cardinal points explain it all.

Our Cardinal Points

At Affordable Roll-Offs, our cardinal points are:

East: There will always be enough trash to fill our dumpsters. Between natural disasters, people moving, new construction, and the stuff people leave behind when they leave this world, there will always be people who need our services. There will always be enough trash for us to haul. Someone will always need our 30 yard dumpster to haul away the chunk of their house mangled by a falling tree. Folks who are downsizing will be looking for a 12 yard dumpster for the stuff their children don’t want. Contractors will need many of our 40 yard dumpsters when they build new homes and schools. We will always have customers, because that’s just how life is.

So we don’t mind if our customers recycle what they can and why we encourage recycling when possible. We don’t even mind if you’ve managed to create such a trash-free life for yourself that you don’t ever need our services.

South: You can always hire someone else, so we need to give you a reason to hire us. We need to provide a service that no one else does, or to serve you in a way that no one else will. Face it, dumpsters are dumpsters. You’re not going to choose us because we’re the pretty ones, or the most popular. That is why we stress: at Affordable Roll-Offs, we are more than dumpster rentals in Denver. We are your neighbors. We are a proud part of the Denver community, and we want to help make this city the best Denver it can be.

West: We know the trash business inside and out. We want to and need to keep up with what is going on in the world of trash. That is why we are well suited to find out the latest news about recycling and what puts us in a good position to pass useful information on to our customers.

And our North star, the most cardinal of our cardinal points: Our children and grandchildren will be living on this planet for many years to come. We want them to have a pleasant stay.