It’s Springtime once again. If you’re like most people, you want to take advantage of the warmer weather to spruce up your home. Brushing the last snow off the sidewalk, you can just imagine a new remodeling or renovation project around the house. How exciting! You can already envision the finished product: that bump-out for a kitchenette, the new laundry area you’ve always wanted, or a bedroom for your aging mother-in-law. The results will be spectacular, but first you’ll have to deal with the mess of the construction process.


A roll-off dumpster from Affordable Roll-offs is just the ticket to keep all of the construction debris from a remodel or renovation properly rounded up. Affordable Roll-offs supplies dumpsters in a variety of sizes, ready to accommodate any size job. Whether you are re-tiling the kitchen backsplash on your own, or a full-size construction crew is camping out until your new swimming pool is ready to host the neighborhood kids, the dumpsters from Affordable Roll-offs are tough and sturdy enough to corral whatever may be tossed inside. From lumber to drywall to tile to shingles–any leftover construction materials will be kept neatly in one place.


Most jobs start with clean-up, and renovations are no exception. To prepare for your renovation you must begin by cleaning out the area where the project is to take place. If you are like many people, before you know it, you’ve been carried away by success. Your efforts to clear out one area spread. What starts out as a simple remodel expands into a full-blown effort to clear up years of accumulated clutter.

You feel so good about clearing out unwanted junk that you find you are spurred into a major overhaul of your whole house or garage. This can happen because studies have shown that many people feel more energized when they remove unwanted clutter from their homes. The question becomes, what do you do with the items you no longer want?


While getting rid of clutter can feel almost as good as the original remodel project, remember that it is important to properly dispose of those unwanted items. It may be tempting to use the dumpster sitting so conveniently in your backyard to dispose of all of the trash that you’ve happened upon during your clutter clearance.

Don’t do it. Take a few moments instead to be a good neighbor and turn in what you can to your local recycle center. You will be providing a public service by doing so.


According to the EPA, recycling improves our communities in 7 ways, by:

1. reducing the strain on our landfills

2. protecting valuable natural resources from being harvested

3. providing local materials to be used, instead of relying on imports

4. avoiding the pollution associated with obtaining new materials

5. using less energy

6. providing opportunities for local businesses to thrive

7. providing jobs

Items like aluminum, glass, cardboard and newspaper are readily accepted at Denver recycling centers. In addition, recycling centers will make arrangements to accept hazardous waste, such as the paint you’ve been saving since you painted the nursery for the baby (who’s now away at college).


Preparing for the new provides a great opportunity for cleaning up the old. Be sure to be a good neighbor and help out your community at the same time by recycling what you can.