The city of Denver is expanding it’s composting options for residents in an effort to keep more trash out of landfills.

Why is this happening? According to an article in the Denver Post only 20% of Denver’s recyclables and biodegradable waste made it to a separate bin last year. This is a bit lower than expected (the goal is to have 34% by 2020). So, in order to increase the participation, Denver is expanding the locations that compost pick up will be available, notably in Green Valley Ranch and Montbello. There will be four more routes coming in the near future. Additionally, Denver Public Works is encouraging more people to recycle by dropping off marked recycling cans to people who have opted out of the free service (seriously how hard is it to separate plastics, glasses, and paper??)

Composting 101denver dumpster rental

Although Denver is trying to increase the number of people who are currently using a composting service, it seems many people are hesitant to take part. In fact, only about 12.5% of eligible people are signing up. Composting is fairly simple! Check out the list below:

  • To start, you will need a bin for your compostable items (the city is providing this)
  • You will be surprised what can go into the bin! Here are just a few examples:
    • grass cuttings
    • veggie and fruit scraps
    • coffee grounds/tea leaves
    • cotton clothing (torn up)
    • egg shells
    • hair
    • paper towels
  • Your compost bin needs water and air to decompose properly
  • Layer garden soil into your bin occasionally to help with the decomposition process

This is a VERY basic list of how to compost BUT as you can see, it does not take much work to do it and it can help keep trash out of landfills (and make Denver greener!)

Why recycling mattersdenver dumpster rental

For those people who are choosing not to participate in the FREE recycling service offered by the city of Denver, YOU SHOULD BE! There is literally no reason why you can’t do this. Here is a list from SOCRRA that offers ten reasons to start recycling:

  1. It is good for our economy (recycling programs can provide raw materials to make new products)
  2. It creates jobs!
  3. It reduces the waste that is being buried in landfills (the average American creates 7.5 lbs of garbage A DAY!)
  4. It keeps our environment and air clean (you know-the air YOU are breathing)
  5. It saves energy
  6. Preserves landfill space (because no one wants to live by a landfill)
  7. Prevents climate change (yes it is real)
  8. Reduces water pollution
  9. Protects wildlife
  10. By recycling and buying recycled products you are creating a demand. Keep it up!

Even just doing a little in your own life can make a huge difference in the world. Please consider composting and recycling when you can. Denver is literally handing you everything you need to make smarter and more responsible waste decisions.

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