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If you like to be be near lakes or streams, Lakewood, Colorado is the place for you. The city sits on top of the watershed of the Platte River, and therefore, has plenty of rivers, streams and bigger bodies of water all over. Lakewood is located just a few miles from Denver and a few miles from the entrance to the Rocky Mountains, making it a great location whether you prefer city life or getting away on the trails.

Fun facts about Lakewood

  • Originally named Jefferson City, Lakewood officially changed it’s name in 1969 after fears that it would be confused with the city in Missouri
  • Looking for an activity for the whole family? Visit Bear Creek Lake Park year-round for guided hikes and other educational opportunities
  • Like cider? Be sure to check out Cider Days in the fall for a whole day of family fun!
  • Lakewood Cultural Center is a great place to see a theater production
  • W.A.H Loveland, former president of the Colorado Central Railroad, called Lakewood home
  • In 2011 Lakewood was named an All-American City

Trash and Recycling in Lakewood

Like almost all Colorado cities, Lakewood prides itself on cleanliness. Private haulers provide trash pick-up for residents and the city encourages people to recycle either on the curbside or by dropping their items off at a local recycling plant.

Sustainability in Lakewood

dumpster rental lakewood

In 2015, after more than two years of planning, Lakewood introduced the Sustainability Plan. According to documents provided by the city sustainability means “creating a balance between the environment, the economy and society to ensure that practices and decisions to not compromise the quality of life for future generations”. Goals of the plan include things such as having 45% of the energy the city uses come from renewable sources by 2025, reducing city water use by 20% by 2025, and much more. Lakewood is taking huge initiative to keep our beautiful state healthy, clean and green!

Dumpster Rentals in Lakewood

Creating a more sustainable city means that residents and the city itself will most likely be tackling big projects in the near future to complete the goals laid out in the Sustainability Plan. This may mean putting up solar panels, getting rid of inefficient technology, etc…When it comes to removing waste that may be created from the projects renting a roll-off dumpster is the best way to quickly and safely rid yourself of unwanted rubbish. Affordable Roll-Offs is your locally owned dumpster rental company that is here for any project you have!

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