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Affordable Roll-offs provides roll-off dumpster rentals throughout entire Denver Metro Area, including residential neighborhood. Though it might seem obvious to many, we frequently get calls asking if we deliver our dumpsters to residential neighborhoods. The common belief is that Roll-Off dumpsters are strictly for commercial use. So many homeowners overlook the possibility of renting a roll-off for their own projects. In this blog are going to address a few common question like, “What are the requirements for renting and roll-off and where can I place it?”.

There aren’t many requirements when it comes to renting a roll-off dumpster. Some cities within the Denver area require permits if you intend to place a dumpster on the street. Typically this is to notify the city who to contact if they need the dumpster removed or moved. Many municipalities provide permits at no cost to their residents, but some do charge for the permits.  The best way to make sure it to check with your municipality and make sure you get a permit if you need one. Even if the city does require a permit, there are ways to avoid paying an additional fee for permits.

Placing a dumpster off the street on private property (e.g. your driveway or backyard) can save you money. Keep in mind, that it is at the discretion of our professional CDL drivers whether we are able to safely place the dumpster in your requested location. Roll-Off companies are not liable for any damages done to personal property in most circumstances. The best thing to do when asking for a dumpster placed on private property is to have a plan B for where to place the dumpster. Take into account what the rental company and your city charge for temporary street permits.  If you get it right the first time you can avoid hefty dumpster relocation fees. Different companies charge different amounts and fees. There might be daily permit fee and a processing fee. Make sure you ask your dumpster rental company how permits are billed.

Different companies charge different amounts and fees. There might be daily permitting fees and processing fees. Some companies charge an upfront amount and let you keep the permit for as long as your rental continuous. Again, the best to do is ask whichever company you decide to hire. We are always happy to help if you have any other questions about the process and requirement to rent a dumpster. It’s really a simple process and we complete your order withing five minutes. Affordable Roll-Offs makes it fast and easy to rent a roll-off dumpster.


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