Make Your Roll-Off Dumpster Delivery Easy

It is the day you are expecting your roll-off dumpster to be delivered. In order to make the day run smoothly, here are five simple ways to prepare for your roll-off dumpster delivery.

Prepare For Your Roll-Off Dumpster

  1. Let your neighbors know

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    Roll-off dumpster near house.

    • It is always a good idea to let your neighbors know that you are renting a dumpster, especially if it will be parked on the street. Not only is it courteous, but it also ensures that no cars will block the dumpster. In the vast majority of cases, a driver will not be able to drop a roll-off dumpster off unless there is plenty of room to do so. This may result in a trip charge if the driver has to return at a later date, which means more money out of your pocket. If you see a car in the way it is a good idea to find the owner and ask them to move it before the dumpster arrives.
  2. Clear the clutter

    • Cars are not the only thing that can block a roll-off dumpster truck. Items such as other trash make it hard to maneuver a large dumpster. If possible, clear the space where the dumpster will be located as much as you can. Your driver will thank you!
  3. Have a contact on-site

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    Having an informed contact during the roll-off dumpster delivery is important!

    • Having a contact on-site, whether that person is you or someone else, can make dropping off a roll-off dumpster much easier for the driver. If you are not able to be at the location it is important that the person who will be there knows exactly where you want the roll-off to go. Although most companies ask for the desired location of the dumpster, it is difficult for drivers to know exactly where the dumpster should be. This can lead to wrong placements which, in turn, can lead to trip charges to move it. Trust us, you want someone on-site during dumpster drop-off day!
  4. Have your phone on hand

    • There is nothing worse than not being able to reach a customer if we run into a challenge or need clarification on something. Often times our drivers will call us with questions that need a quick response (remember, they have multiple hauls in one day so their time is limited at each site!). Unfortunately, waiting for a phone call back is not always an option. Even if you have a contact on site it is important that you are available to take a phone call on your dumpster drop-off day!
  5. Patience is key

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    Dumpster from Affordable Roll-Offs

    • When you are waiting for a roll-off dumpster it can be hard to be patient, especially if you have a big project or a crew already on site. It is nearly impossible to give an exact arrival time for your dumpster; we try our best to have it there before 5 pm on delivery day. While our truck drivers are always working as quickly and safely as they can, unforeseen problems such as traffic can slow their deliveries. If you can, try and schedule the dumpster to be delivered the day before the project is set to start. This way you don’t have to worry about a crew sitting around waiting for a dumpster to arrive and can instead get an early start the next day! Waiting is never fun, but your patience is extremely appreciated on your dumpster delivery day!

Roll-off dumpster delivery day does not have to be stressful if you follow the tips above! Clear communication between you and your roll-off company is key for a seamless drop-off. It is also important to choose a reputable company that won’t leave you hanging on drop-off day.

Affordable Roll-Offs is your Colorado-based dumpster rental company. We offer next-day delivery, no pick-up or drop-off charges, and our customers are our number one priority! Contact us today to learn more!