Here is a great resource to make sure you are up to date on policies/events/ etc…in your city. Things change quickly and you want to stay up to speed! If you live in the city of Westminster be sure to check out the updates below for all your trash and recycling needs!

1. Trash Collection

The city of Westminster does not provide a trash collection service, therefore residents must use a licensed collector (we’ve listed a few below). All companies must provide both trash pick up and recycling pick up, but fees with vary.

Licensed vendors:

  • Alpine Waste and Recycling (Commercial and HOAs Only) – 303-744-9881
  • American Disposal Services of Colorado – 703-368-0500
  • Best Cleaner Disposal – 303-659-3779
  • Republic/Allied Waste Services – 303-286-1200
  • Waste Management – 303-336-3900
  • Western Disposal (Only Commercial and HOA Service) – 303-444-2037

2. Recycling Drop-Off Locations

Westminster offers multiple locations for recycling. These are great options if you have a number of large items such as cardboard boxes or a place to get rid of items during spring cleaning without waiting for pick up. Locations include:

  • Fire Station 1: 3948 W. 73rd Ave.
  • Municipal Service Center: 6575 W. 88th Ave.
  • Municipal Court: 3030 Turnpike
  • West View Recreation Center: 10747 W. 108th Ave.
    NOTE: Materials are collected DAILY except on Sundays. Call 303-658-2183 if you have questions regarding these recycling locations.

Be sure you visit a location be sure the items you are planning to recycle are on the approved list below:

Paper products
Office Paper – including those with staples, windows and sticky backing
Junk Mail
Phone Books
Paper Board (broken down) – none soiled by food or lined with wax
Card Board (broken down) – none soiled by food or lined with wax

Aluminum Cans

Steel and Tin cans – please rinse them first

Plastics Labeled 1-7 – please rinse them first
Plastic drink bottles
Milk Jugs
Butter tubs
Water jugs (labeled 2 HDPE Natural on the bottom)
Detergent jugs
Orange juice jugs (labeled 2 HDPE Color on the bottom and 7)
Plastic blister packaging (labeled 3)
Plastic liter pop bottles (labeled 1 PETE on the bottom). Please remove caps and rinse.

Glass bottles
Brown, green and clear glass bottles – please remove caps and rinse them first

3. Tree Limb Recycling

The city of Westminster offers tree limb recycling to residents that can provide a proof of residence. Contractors are not permitted to recycle tree limbs. Tree limbs can be any length but cannot be more than 8 inches in diameter. Recycling tree limbs is a great way to provide mulch as well as keep limbs out of already over-crowded landfills. There is a new location for this service: 10001 Alkire St.

4. Getting Rid of Hard to Recycle Items

While recycling is generally straightforward there are sometimes items that cannot be picked up by the average trash company. Some of these items include air conditioners, anti-freeze, appliances, bathtubs, carpet and more. The city of Westminster has created a handy list that will help you best get rid of these items safely and responsibly. Additionally, if you need to recycle hazardous waste items like paint Westminster has partnered with Waste Management At Your Door Special Collection, Inc. to collect household hazardous waste directly from your home by appointment FREE of charge within program limits. Here is how the program works:

  • Residents must have at least three different materials before scheduling an appointment.
  • If you have paint, you must have more than three (3) gallons, in addition to two other materials for disposal.
  • Paint – If you have paint, visit PaintCare to find a drop-off site near you.
  • To schedule your collection appointment: call 800-449-7587, email, or visit the Waste Management At Your Door website.
  • Prior to your appointment date, you will receive a collection bag to place your non-recyclable materials in for pick-up. Recyclable hazardous materials in containers five (5) gallons or smaller must be placed outside of the bag.
  • On the date of collection, place materials in your garage or front door before 7 a.m.

Be sure to check this list of approved and unapproved items before you start filling your collection bag to avoid any headaches during pick-up.

5. Large Item Pick-Up Program

New for residents in 2018 is the Large Item Pick-Up Program. This new program allows people to get rid of large items that do not fir in the traditional trash bin. Acceptable items include Washers, dryers, ranges, dishwashers, microwave ovens, water heaters, bathtubs, toilets, mattresses, lumber, furniture, bicycles, carpet, doors, swing sets, lawn mowers, etc. (for a complete list click here). Below is how the program works:

  • Registration is required; Fee is $30 per household.
  • Debris pile no larger than 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 4 feet high. Debris amounts in excess of standardized size will not be removed.
  • All items must be marked for “Westminster Clean Up.”
  • Items must be placed parallel to the sidewalk and at the curb. Not on the driveway.
  • Items must be placed at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your designated pick-up day (please see the map).
  • Normal household trash will not be removed.
  • Items that are too heavy for two men to lift will not be removed.
  • Secure doors on any items that may pose a safety hazard to small children.
  • Only Westminster resident household debris will be picked up. Business debris, large quantities of construction debris or debris items transported in from outside the city limits will not be picked up.

For more information about the program or if you have any questions or concerns please call 303-658-2501 or check out the website.

6. Permits

Westminster requires residents to obtain a permit for tasks such as additions, air conditioners/furnaces/water heaters, basement finishes, decks/patio covers, fences and remodels. To see a complete list please visit the city of Westminster website. Once your permit is approved you can start your task without a problem. If you need to use a roll-off dumpster to complete your project you do not need to get a permit from the city!

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