If you have ever driven through Commerce City, Colorado, surely you will recognize the oil refinery located right off a main highway. Although the city has numerous permitted gas and oil well sites, there is much more than meets the eye. The city encourages it’s residents to get outside and be active by offering different activities year-round. It also offers numerous parks and outdoor areas that will keep the whole family entertained. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in dance, gymnastics, or golf, Commerce City has you covered!

Paradice Island Pool at Pioneer Park in Commerce City CO

Keeping Commerce City green and clean

In 2005, under the EPA, the oil refinery located in the city had to start abiding by stricter standards in an effort to keep our state clean. Now, Commerce City has taken the lead in greener waste collection by offering a number of ways to get rid of their trash. All residents are given two 96-gallon cans (one for trash and one for recycling) to encourage recycling applicable materials. Additionally, with the help of their waste collection provider, the city provides five large-item pick ups to residents each year for waste that may be too large for their can. Finally, if residents have hazardous materials that they need to get rid of, they have the ability to SAFELY and RESPONSIBLY dispose of them at the Adams County Household Chemical Roundups twice a year. For more information about trash and recycling options please check out Commerce City’s website.

dumpster rental commerce city colorado

Children enjoying a summer program in Commerce City, Colorado

A growing city

According to this article, from 2000-2010 the population of Commerce City exploded-increasing by nearly 119 percent in just ten years. And this growth had not slowed down. If you recently moved to the city, or are planning to do so, there are somethings you should know.

  1. Plan on having to do some sort of renovation in your house, if not multiple renovations
  2. Be sure to be aware of codes and permits for your neighborhood, especially if you are interested in Section 8 Housing
  3. Commerce City has Neighborhood Associations, which is different that an HOA, in an effort to build community pride.

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