Here’s an overview of different types of dumpsters, where to rent them, and how much you can expect to pay for them in Denver.

First off, there are many dumpster companies to choose from in Denver. The best way to narrow down who you should call is to consider what you will be using the dumpster for or what type of project you’re taking on.

Secondly, remember that with many different companies come many different fees. Some dumpster rental companies are upfront with their pricing and some aren’t. We will give you a good list of questions to ask whichever company you choose. It will help make sure you don’t end up with outrageous hidden fees and overages.

60-90 Gallon Trash Carts

Dumpster Rental Westminster

Price Range: $0 (Provided by Denver County)

Trash Carts, often referred to as trash totes are generally used by residential homeowners and are provided by the city and county of Denver at no charge to residents. Denver County is the main provider for residential trash collections within its city limits. For more information on ordering this type of dumpster check out the city’s Trash and Service Guidelines. Here’s the link to Denver’s Trash Cart order form – Trash Cart Size Request Form

4-7 Yard Dumpster

Front Load Dumpster

Price: $0 (Provided by Denver County)

Dumpster trash services customers are provided dumpsters behind their homes for the disposal of household trash only. Generally, one dumpster is provided for every four households to share, but residents may use any dumpster in their alley. Denver has opted to “Phase out” these dumpsters from residential neighborhoods in 2017 in an effort to lower the amount of trash created by Denver residents.

10-30 Yard Roll-Off Dumpsters
Roll-Off Dumpster

Price: $250-600 (many different providers)

The roll-off dumpster is by far the largest of dumpsters. Primarily used by commercial construction companies but can also be rented by residential homeowners. These dumpsters come in a variety of sizes and price points (and colors). Roll-Off Dumpsters are priced according to three main factors. How many days or weeks they are rented out, how much weight is allowed to be put into the dumpster (typically dealt in tons), and where the dumpster is to be delivered.

Contrary to popular belief, the size of the dumpster plays a smaller factor than the three items listed above. Fees and Permits for overages and street permits can also play a factor in the price of a roll-off dumpster. Again, there is no set pricing for permits or fees, they vary from company to company.

The city of Denver does require a temporary permit for dumpsters in the street where permitted. The best way to avoid paying extra for permits is to ask that the dumpster is placed on your personal property if possible and practical. Most companies sell these permits to you when placing your order.

Roll-Off Dumpsters – Our top 3 questions to ask:

  1. How long can I keep the dumpster before being charged additional fees? Also, what happens if I go over the allotted time.
  2. How much weight am I allowed to put into the dumpster? Also, what if I go over? Check out how our post on – How to Select What Size Dumpster You Need.
  3. Are there any other fees should I know about? (i.e. Delivery fees, fuel surcharges, environmental fee, disposal fees, cancellation fees, etc.)

Who are we?

We are Affordable Roll-Offs, your local low priced roll off dumpster rental company. With us, there are no hidden delivery fees or fuel surcharges – Just honest and transparent dumpster rental prices! When comparing dumpster rental services and collecting quotes, it’s important that you have the proper information to compare apples to apples. That’s why we wrote this post.

In summary, be sure to consider price, weight allowances, rental periods and other hidden fees so that you can make accurate comparisons and choose the most cost-effective option for your project. Just because a dumpster company is a little cheaper doesn’t mean they are your best option. if you have any questions give us a call we are always happy to help.

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