Winter is coming.

Or, it may already be here.

Regardless, you can still take on big projects during the winter months with a roll off dumpster rental. Don’t let the cold weather keep you from getting your to-do list done! Here are some tips for caring for your dumpster rental in the cold and snowy months!

  1. We are open and ready for your business!
    1. Unless there is a massive storm that closes roads or makes it very dangerous to drive, we are open! The winter months are a great time to work on indoor projects such as remodeling your bathroom or kitchen! If you are already stuck inside you might as well make it a productive time!
      dumpster rental

      We are open!

  2. Keep your driveway/sidewalk clear
    1. Please! If there is a lot of snow around your dumpster it can be difficult or even impossible for us to collect it. Please keep the area your dumpster is located clear of snow so that we can get rid of your waste fast!
      dumpster rental

      Don’t do this!

  3. Ice is not anyone’s friend
    1. Ice is an evil substance. It can surprise you out of nowhere, make you slip, or wreck your car. Ice can also make it dangerous to dispose of large items in your dumpster. We do not want you slipping while throwing away a mattress! After you shovel the snow be sure to put some salt on the ground to help melt any ice that built up!
      dumpster rental

      Use salt to melt ice!

  4. Cover your dumpster!
    1. If there is a snow/rain storm coming your way you might consider covering your roll off dumpster with a tarp. The last thing you want is a ton of water accumulating in your dumpster that will put it over the weight limit. Bonus! It will also discourage people from using your dumpster.
      dumpster rental

      Use a tarp to keep excess water out!

Winter months can still be very productive! A roll off dumpster will help you accomplish any project you have!

Affordable Roll-Offs is your locally owned dumpster rental provider that has the right sized dumpster for ANY project you have during any season. We offer next day delivery, will never surprise you with additional fees, and have a friendly customer service waiting for your call.

Please call us today to learn more and find out about current specials!

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