The winter months are upon us and, in many places, is getting colder every day. While you may be inclined to blast your heat to counteract the cold, you should also consider the cost of doing so. It seems that the price to heat your home is increasing each year (up to 22%). However, there are things you can do on your own to help warm your house during the winter months.

  1. Seal your windows and doors
    1. Have you ever walked into a room and noticed it was significantly colder than other rooms in your home? It may be you have not sealed your doors and windows for winter. Sealing your windows and doors can be very cheap and easy to do. Many times you can buy kits at your local home improvement store that can be set up in a few easy tasks. Check out 8 easy ways to deal with the unwanted drafts in your home here.
  2. Close curtains at night
    1. A simple way to insulate your home while you’re sleeping is to close the curtains at night. The curtains will help maintain heat that has been collecting in your house during the day. You may consider purchasing insulated curtains to use during the winter months for extra warmth.
  3. Keep shades open during the day
    1. Although it may be cold outside the sun still has the potential to warm areas inside your house. Open the shades up in sunny areas to let warmth in and get some vitamin D. Once the sun goes down be sure to close them back up again to keep the warmth you collected inside!
  4. Let your vents breathe
    1. Do you have furniture that is covering vents? Now is the time to rearrange and let those vents breathe! You do not want the hot air to get caught underneath your couch or desk. Make sure that you are getting the maximum potential from the vents around your house. You can always move furniture back to their original locations once winter is over!
  5. Turn the oven on
    1. Have you ever noticed that you tend to not use your oven in the summer? You would much rather be outside grilling, right? Why is that? Because using the oven can make your house even hotter! In the winter time be sure and use this to your advantage. Being stuck inside is the perfect time to whip out some old family recipes or try new casseroles! Keep the oven on throughout the day (to bake things of course!) to boost the heat in your home.
  6. Make space heaters your friend (carefully)
    1. For many people, space heaters can be a lifesaver during the winter time. They are a great way to create your personal “hot spot” in a room. That being said, they also are known to be a cause of house fires if they are not used properly. Here are some tips to use your space heater correctly:
      1. Keep it away from anything flammable
      2. Do not use it overnight
      3. Keep it on for only a couple hours or less if possible
      4. Make sure you get one that will turn off if it falls over
      5. If possible, look for one that will turn off after a certain number of hours

Warming feet in front of fireplace.

If all else fails, bundle up

More than likely there will be a couple days in the winter where you just cannot get warm. If this is the case it is your turn to bundle up! Throw on a sweater, robe, snuggly pair of socks and even gloves if you need them! Sip on hot tea and watch a movie OR strip down to workout clothes and get your body moving with some exercise! A little cardio is sure to warm you up.

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