Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

Keep Your Home Warm this Winter!

With winter fast approaching and temperatures dropping it is time to start thinking about winterizing your home. In this article we will cover what areas/items you need to prepare for winter as well as how to do it. These small tasks may seem minute, but can save you a lot of time and money in the life of your home.

Ideas to winterize your home

There are many other ways you can get the interior of your home ready for the cold months. Here is a list of simple things you can do in minutes:

  • Put up heavier drapes over windows
    • Heavy drapes can prevent cold air from coming in through the windows and keep the warm air inside.
  • Invest in under door draft stoppers for any doors that are in contact with the outside
    • Drafts from external facing doors can be a huge problem when it comes to keeping your home warm. Instead of using items such as towels to block out the cold, invest in door draft stoppers that will create a secure barrier between your and the outdoors. Here are some options
  • Close off your fireplace flue to keep cold drafts out
    • If you are not using your fireplace regularly in the winter it is a good idea to close it to keep the cold air out. Just remember to re-open when you are ready to start a fire!
  • Add insulation to your home or replace as needed
    • The winter can be a unfriendly reminder of worn and torn insulation in your home. Take the time to evaluate whether or not you need to add additional insulation to areas such as the attic or crawl spaces. If the insulation is completely warn, it is a good time to replace it!
  • Re-caulk/caulk your windows
    • Similar to the door draft stoppers, caulking your windows ensures that cold air is not seeping in from the outdoors!
  • Change the filters in your furnace
    • Changing the filters in your furnace ensures that it is working at it’s best. Clogged filters can not only be dangerous but may be preventing maximum warm air in your home.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat that keeps your home at exactly the temperature you want
    • If you have not already invested in a programable thermostat, such as the Nest, now is the time to do so! Programable thermostats help keep your home at a comfortable temperature without having to constantly adjust it. It also saves time and energy!
  • Cover your grill and disconnect your propane tank
    • This is something easy, but a lot of folks forget to do this step before the first snow arrives. If snow is in the forecast (or even if it is not but you are done grilling for the season), be sure to winterize your grill!

Roll-Off Dumpsters for the Winter

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